The September issue of Quick Printing Magazine explored how printing companies need to take advantage of the myriad of available mediums in order to best reach their customers and have the greatest impact on the industry.

According to the article, printed newsletters are making a comeback. While companies abandoned the physical product for email blasts, the opposite is now happening. One reason is that more information can be put into a newsletter. Customers don’t want to have to scroll more than one page or use links to jump to the rest of a story. Furthermore, emails are good for quick bursts of information, but printed materials are still best for detailed news.

“Business owners are now realizing that different people want their information in different ways,” said the article. “Your customers now take the same message and provide it to their audience as a printed newsletter, an email blast and a flipbook on their website. The printer who can produce the information in all those different formats is the one who will win the business from this type of customer.”

With multiple forms of advertising benefitting companies, it’s even more crucial to ensure that products stand out, are unique and well put together. Investing in spiral or wire binding equipment will give companies a chance to create professional booklets that will put them ahead in their prospective markets.

Additionally, custom presentation binders offer individuals a neat and organized way to keep important papers and documents together. This will allow them the opportunity to put their best foot forward and maintain a polished appearance.