While it is not unusual for businesses to make adjustments in order to stay afloat in the ever-changing economy, it is important for them to use unique and innovative ways in catering to their customers.

Julie Warnock, founder of the family-run business Bath Petals, took her beauty product business to the next level by adding a beauty truck. Bath Petals products are sold in 30 Whole Foods markets across the country, according to an Entrepreneur article, but the traveling truck is the only one offering all 116 items.

Beauty products expert Jennifer Walsh praised the concept, adding that the beauty business has grown stale over the last few years.

“This concept really goes to where the customers are, instead of waiting for them to come,” Walsh said to the news source.

According to Dr. John Sullivan in a contributing Ere.net article, individuals who are extreme innovators and are able to change the direction of a particular firm or organization are called purple squirrels and are extemely rare. To that same effect, a business itself could attempt to take charge of its industry and lead the way for others.

Whether a startup company is trying to create innovation in order to break into its respective industry or an established business is trying to adjust with the times, organization and proper business design are key.

For example, investing in paper folding machines will be beneficial to an organization attempting to advertise with freshly designed tri-fold brochures.

Or, as technology grows more popular and using cloud storage systems is more common, proper backup storage will be necessary, in case the system fails. In this case, custom presentation binders will be a necessity, to keep any files and paperwork neatly organized and easily accessible in the case of an emergency.