This blog has previously mentioned that direct mail is still a popular form to reach out to customers. According to Campaigns and Elections Magazine, even with the advancement of technology, sending pieces of paper through the mail will stay a viable option, and will even evolve with the times.

Digital mail is the wave of the future, said the source. By embedding computer chips into direct mail pieces, individuals could wave their mobile phone over the mail piece the way you wave your credit card over a high-tech keypad. From there, the computer chip will match tested messaging to the user’s profile and online history.

Even with all of these technological changes happening, according to the source, ink on paper will remain an important aspect to our nation’s political future.

When these two technologies merge, it will allow the direct mail to deliver the company’s message and it will provide a platform to access personalized, digitized content.

“You only have one mailbox,” explained the article. “That creates opportunity. Overall mail volume is down, and that creates even more opportunity. Moreover, many people actually prefer to read a piece of paper than a screen. That’s a fact that cannot be ignored.”

With direct mailings still crucial for the day-to-day operations of many companies and organizations, quality lamination equipment will be beneficial. That way, professional documents can be created that will be well-equipped to handle mail delivery.

Additionally, custom folders can assist in keeping papers properly organized. Whether the pieces are waiting to be mailed at a later date or need to be stored for other reasons, the use of this product is necessary for any business.