In order for the printing industry to remain stable through difficult times, it’s important for businesses to invest in innovative equipment and educate younger generations.

For example, binding equipment and supplies will give companies the ability to create professional and polished booklets. When these items are shown in meetings or presentations, it will show that a business values the image it puts forth and wants to ensure a profitable and positive future.

Additionally, laminating machines will offer protection for important documents and images, giving them the ability to last longer and withstand multiple handlings. For example, posters for advertising campaigns will better sustain outside elements with the coating of a laminating sheet.

In much the same way, providing a thorough education of the printing industry is ensuring its future. This blog has previously discussed that there is still a need for physical product in an increasingly digital world. As such, teaching younger generations the intricacies of the business is crucial to keep innovation going strong.

One high school in California did just that, by going on a tour at the Harris & Bruno International manufacturing facility. Rocklin High School engineering students were shown how the company performed its daily routines on October 18, according to a Harris & Bruno press release.

RHS teacher Dan Frank said in the release that his favorite part was seeing the look in his students’ eyes as they began to garner a full understanding of the business and how they can have a part in its future.

“I’m getting so many looks and so many comments from my students, like, ‘Wow, I’m starting to understand what you’re trying to do,'” Frank said. “It was so beneficial for our students to be able to talk with adults in the engineering and machining industry so that they could see themselves in these professions.”