This blog has previously discussed the importance of print marketing campaigns and direct mail positively affecting customers. With that in mind, investing in equipment like paper folding machines or laminating sheets is a smart idea. From there, companies can create sturdy and professional pamphlets that won’t fall apart when being sent through the mail. When organizations find ways to combine physical product with digital media, they will find great success.

The December issue of Quick Printing magazine discussed new ways that print providers are trying to expand their services. Cross-media marketing is becoming increasingly popular, as print is augmented and enhanced by other mediums – social media, QR codes and augmented reality. Essentially, businesses are searching for innovative ways to achieve optimal results in marketing campaigns.

Paul Strack, president of CustomXM – a marketing and digital printing company – told Quick Printing that his business first got into cross-media marketing back in 2005 by using variable data printing and PURL (personalized URL) campaigns.

“With the continued advancement in digital printing, we saw the opportunity to, in one print run, deliver multiple messages to an audience without having to change the print stream,” Strack told the news source. “In addition, we could deliver more relevant images and messages. That was our pitch at the time – connect with your audience with a more relevant message.”

Strack added that it’s not enough to simply put a customer’s name in bold print. It’s necessary to go one step further and know something about each consumer before you can talk to them about customized messages. Variable cross-media helps in research as well as the actual marketing, he said.

While the argument against print media has grown stronger, coinciding with the release of more digital innovations, it is still important for businesses to use both aspects in their daily operations.