The holiday shopping season is in full swing and customers are looking for the best deals for family and friends. Even with advancing technology, and online options luring consumers away from buying in brick and mortar stores, direct mail is still proving to be useful, according to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

As this blog has previously discussed, finding ways to implement new technology in with older systems will be highly beneficial for companies across multiple industries. When direct mail is enhanced with mobile and Web technologies, such as Quick-Response (QR) codes, personalized URLs and augmented reality, it will stay unique and guarantee to catch customers’ attention.

“Long lauded for its ability to provide consumers with personalized and tangible information about products, promotions and sales, today’s direct mail, combined with Web technologies and smartphone apps, is offering holiday shoppers a media-rich experience that connects with them on a deeper, more personal level,” Gary Reblin, vice president of Domestic Products at the USPS, said in a company press release.

Reblin added that mail that has been enhanced with augmented reality (AR) technology allows shoppers to view products from all angles or interact with 3D-embedded videos and animations. This will help give customers a more informed opinion of a product, which can aid in choosing which items to purchase.

Additionally, mobile technology can be integrated with physical pieces of mail, Reblin explained. A digital coupon can be downloaded when it’s received in the mail, which will benefit customers if they visit a store in-person and realize they have left the actual coupon at home.

As companies work toward integrating new systems into their daily operations, it would also be wise to invest in professional binding equipment or laminating machines. This will ensure that created documents, or booklets, are durable and can withstand being sent through the mail system.