Since 1958 the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has reached out to the 50 and older generation, offering benefits, products and services for its members with membership costing just $16 each year.

The price is even more unbelievable when the cost of sending out the mailings is considered. Individuals receive three pieces of mail both six months prior to, and six months after an individual’s 50th birthday. Even with bulk pricing, the cost of postage and printing could put each piece of mail at 20 cents, equalling out to half the cost of membership if 36 pieces of mail are sent to a prospect, according to the website Mail Print.

However, the organization has found a way to stay profitable and it continues to use direct mail services as its primary mode of initial contact towards members.

In order to effectively take advantage of direct mail systems, companies should also consider investing in quality lamination equipment. This will ensure that the pieces of mail not only have a professional appearance, but will also hold up through the mailing system.

With over 37 million individuals signed up, AARP is second to only the Roman Catholic Church – 57 million – as far as membership groups go. In addition, Mail Print reports that AARP members make up close to one in five voters, which is even being referred to as a “political war chest” in the upcoming election.

One key factor though is the mailing list, something that AARP started gathering information for back in in 1947.

“AARP knows the names and addresses of more Americans than any other comparable organization in the U.S. and accounts for as much as 1.5 percent of the nonprofit third-class mail delivered every year,” said the article.

In addition, keeping track of the different types of mailings could be better organized through the use of custom divider tabs, ensuring that copies of everything that has been sent out to customers stays organized and properly filed.