Individuals have become more reliant on digital devices, pushing forward the argument that there is less of a need for printed material. However, research has shown that customers still respond positively to physical product. The key, that this blog continuously underlines, is to find creative ways to stay innovative, educate the younger generations and combine the digital and printing aspects of the business world.

For example, companies that want to reach out to consumers would be wise to use direct mail campaigns, as these approaches have been found to be successful. Investing in quality lamination equipment will allow an organization to create handouts or pamphlets that will survive the elements, such as being sent through the mail system.

Additionally, when businesses are able to use the best of both worlds, they will find greater success. As smartphones have grown increasingly popular, more individuals have access to innovative applications that combine both mediums, such as Layar.

Specifically, this app uses augmented reality (AR) to provide users with a “heads-up” display. Digital content can be virtually displayed context with real-world objects – like magazines, postcards or product packaging. This is done by tracking the visual features of these objects.

“In an age where online consumption is skyrocketing, print publications must find a way to communicate with their readers in new and interactive ways,” said Layar’s website. “Layar merges the online and offline worlds, bringing new levels of engagement to a previously one-way conversation.”

Layar users can scan an image from a magazine into their iPhone or Android device and then get access to several features, such as buying products online or posting images to social media sites – simply by taking a physical product and using it with a piece of technology.

When companies take the time to cater to customer needs – such as Layar combining the digital and physical world – and invest in professional equipment, like a laminating machine, they will be sure to find ways to stay ahead of the competition by creating a quality product.