In order to keep pace in an ever-evolving world, printing companies have to find new ways to incorporate new technology with physical material.

Dealer Communicator explained in an article about the increasing popularity of magnetic media. According to the news source, magnetic media fits with traditional printing methods but is a perfect fit for digital printing. This is a good option for vehicle and building signs, refrigerator door magnets – calendars or business cards – and other forms of advertisement.

Lisa O’Connor of Alpha Imaging, Inc. said that retail businesses especially can benefit from magnetic materials. Signage often needs to be very large and adaptable since it can change on a regular basis. She explained that her company uses ActiveWall micro-iron latex primer paint or have an adhesive magnetic sheet called InvisiLock mounted. From there, printing is done on a flat, magnetic material called MagnaMedia. This offers a significantly thinner, smoother and more flexible media that can provide photo-quality graphics, versus printing directly on to magnets.

“The great part of all of this is that magnetic materials do not require changes in equipment,” the article said. “They can be printed on any conventional press or on digital equipment especially on wide format presses using solvent, eco-solvent and latex inks.”

It’s important for printing firms to continuously find new and innovative ways of offering creative material to customers. With digital options for marketing and advertising growing more prominent, physical products have to be able to stand out from the competition.

Even if a company chooses to not use magnetic material, it’s still crucial to offer items that are durable and professional in appearance. Laminating sheets can cover papers and photos, allowing them to be sent through the mail system. Additionally, paper folding machines can ensure that a uniform fold is created for direct mail marketing pamphlets.