For many years, the newspaper business has struggled to remain profitable in an ever-evolving digital world. Many have switched to strictly online editions, while others have put forth a new print campaign in an effort to draw in more readers and keep the current customers returning.

The Oneida Daily Dispatch, a New York newspaper, is working hard to ensure that it stays profitable in a time with so many technological changes. While the publication has a weekly print schedule of three editions – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – it recently announced on its website that it will launch a six-section Sunday edition. Starting February 3, Sunday’s print edition will have a bold, modern look. The Dispatch currently runs online news seven days a week.

According to publisher Jan Dewey, it was important to not just publish three newspapers, but to publish three great newspapers. The new layout will ensure that readers are given local news and the regular syndicated features, along with new feature stories.

General manager and ad director Karen Alvord told the news source that her newspaper hasn’t forgotten its readers, in fact, the exact opposite is true.

“We know the 17,911 average daily readers of the traditional print edition are among the most committed and community-minded residents of the area,” Alvord said. “For them, we’re adding more pages of local news and some exciting opportunities for advertisers to reach this upscale group. With our redesign, color capabilities and digital products, we have so many ways to help business get out their messages to a tightly-targeted audience.”

Finding the right message to bring forth to readers is important to keep them seeking out a publication for news. Companies that don’t rely on daily editions, but are perhaps trying to create a direct mail campaign, should invest in professional lamination equipment. Along with quality binding supplies, businesses can create polished pieces that will garner attention and find new customers.