Even with a struggling economy, and many businesses and organizations pushing towards digital methods, the printing industry will find ways to survive. Plum Grove Printers Inc. proved this by showing a 22 percent improvement in sales from last year, according to a company press release.

The 32-year-old business has made diversifying its services an important factor, along with acquiring key new clients. For example, Plum Grove has added the use of marketing consultation, custom print-ordering websites for franchise organizations and other large firms, and even QR Code SmartPhone websites for mobile devices.

Company founder Peter Lineal, said that while many individuals see traditional mail services as “old school,” he has found it to be extremely effective for his business. Specifically, Plum Grove uses a direct mail marketing program, he said, with targeted consumer lists and a professional design studio.

“While businesses must use digital marketing, our clients have found that traditional print, collateral, and direct mail are coming back because they’re working,” Lineal said. “Real estate marketing has rebounded, using direct mail as a way to reach potential clients in their homes.”

Other companies can follow in Plum Grove’s footsteps, and instill printing services – such as direct mail – to push their company forward. One way to add an even more professional look to a product is by investing in quality lamination equipment, which will give any paper, photo or poster a polished appearance.

Even with an increased use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops, many customers still enjoy having a physical document, in addition to any digital pieces of information. To that extent, custom divider tabs are a good way to keep printed materials – such as client information or payment records – organized and filed in a way that can be accessed and stored easily.