While an increasingly digital age has pushed print media to the sidelines, Time Inc. decided to make an aggressive move to combat the recent trend by using one of its most popular magazines.

People, the popular celebrity and human-interest publication, will begin a nationwide campaign involving broadcast, print, retail, digital and social media platforms, according to the website Folio.

The most recent Fas-Fax report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations for the period ending June 30, 2012, said that People sold about 940,000 single copies at retail from January to June of this year. When compared to the same period one year ago, this was an 18.6 percent decrease in circulation.

“Certainly Time Inc. has a very important stake in what’s happening at the news stand, so the whole company, we think, will benefit,” Karen Kovacs, publisher of People, said to the news source. “This is a full path to purchase marketing and advertising campaign so we’re leveraging television and print to reignite the emotional connection that consumers have with the brand.”

The article went on to describe the new campaign as having the mantra of “People love People” and that the objective is to get customers to buy a physical copy of the magazine, week after week. Additionally, Time Inc. is working with Catalina couponing, offering targeted individuals discounts on the publication.

As Time Inc. is trying to prove, the power of print might be struggling, but it is certainly not dead. Continuously underlined in this blog is that, with innovation and the proper use of quality tools, companies can take advantage of printed material.

Investing in the latest laminating machines, for example, will efficiently and effectively protect multiple types of documents and images. This can aid in creating anything from business cards to direct mail pieces, all ways for a business to continue pushing itself forward.