When printing and publishing firms are able to integrate new technologies with already established operations, they can be sure to reach a wider array of customers. For example, with direct mail services still being a profitable way of advertising, using laminating sheets can ensure that a durable item is sent out to customers.

Another successful tactic is for businesses to expand the services that they offer. Digital printing is ever-evolving, and there is still a need for physical product in many different aspects.

Graphic Dimensions, an Atlanta-based printing company, said in a press release that it is expanding its business by integrating a new labels division called Dimension Labels. With a new HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press, Bill Reid, director of marketing said that the organization expects the new division to increase sales by 30 percent in the next year.

Business officials wanted to diversity and grow the company, and they saw an opportunity in the thriving labels and packaging industry, according to the release. Additionally, Graphic Dimensions moved to a new location in November 2012, to a larger 65,000-square-foot facility in order to create enough room for supplementary label printing services.

“The key to gaining new business is educating our distributors on the power of what digital can do for labels,” Reid said in the press release. “With the HP Indigo WS6600, we have the flexibility to offer just-in-time manufacturing, seasonal labels and the ability to change products as needed to effectively adapt to market conditions.”

For companies that are looking to expand into printing labels or packaging, table top cutters could also be a quality investment. That way, items can be separated in a uniform fashion once they have been printed.