As technology continues to evolve it is important for businesses and organizations to be able to adjust with the times. The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is no different, and has taken strides to keep the printing world intact at the school, while keeping pace with current changes at the same time.

The School of Print Media will now be called the School of Media Sciences, according to administrative chair Chris Bondy. Students will still emerge as experts in both the technological and operational aspects of the industry, he said.

“This new, strategic shift will leverage our respected and historic foundation in print media to incorporate a ‘print-plus’ approach, that includes insights and understanding in the areas of the Web, mobile and social media, complementing the precision and technical understanding of the printing industry,” Bondy said in a school press release.

There will now be a more expansive cross-media graphic communications foundation, according to the statement, and future plans include the addition of a package printing minor. As previously mentioned in this blog, mail services are still being used for company advertising, and “old school” mail and packaging services are still necessary.

Staying innovative is vital for businesses to stay afloat, and as such, consumers will want to keep finding ways to ensure that their products are unique and professional-looking. If a company wanted to take advantage of the still-viable tactic of sending papers or advertisements through the mail, using lamination equipment is a good option to ensure a crisp appearance.

Or, if paper brochures are being created for communication purposes, a quality paper folding machine would be a good investment to provide a perfectly folded page every time. Physical pieces of paper have many options to stay unique, which will benefit companies trying to stand out against their competitors. The right tools will be able to further assist any desired creation.