A major argument against using paper in the business world is that it creates waste. Why print documents when email will do? Why carry around physical books when e-readers can store hundreds of copies in their digital framework? However, there are ways to effectively combine the best of both worlds.

For example, using laminating sheets to cover important company documents can cut down on the need to continuously print multiple copies. Not only will the pages be more durable to withstand multiple handlings, they will have a more professional appearance.

Additionally, using quality binding equipment can guarantee that important papers will not be lost. By being held together with either coil or spiral binding equipment, it is less likely that documents will fall apart.

One company that is taking this idea to heart is Starbucks. The coffee giant started a new initiative this week, offering reusable cups to customers. For $1, coffee fanatics can do their part in reducing the amount of trash thrown out.

According to USA Today, the plastic cups resemble the familiar paper ones, with the green Starbucks logo prominently on display. The company will give a dime discount for each refill so the cup pays for itself after 10 uses.

“A bigger factor is human behavior. I have friends who are environmentalists, and they have trouble remembering their mug,” Conrad MacKerron of As You Sow, a non-profit group advocating corporate social responsibility, told the news source. “We’re so used to this disposable culture.”

The Associated Press reported that the new cups will be cleaned with boiling water each time customers bring them in. Over the past few months the reusable drink holder was tested in 600 stores in the Pacific Northwest and will soon roll out to the rest of the country and Canada.