With the slew of smartphones and tablets scattered among American consumers, it’s a safe assumption that email is a sure-fire way for businesses to contact them, as the notification goes directly to the digital devices. This blog has previously discussed, though, that companies will find success by investing in direct mail services. From there, using laminating machines will ensure that a quality product is created that will be durable enough to withstand shipping.

Furthermore, while individuals might have access to online communications everywhere they go, research shows that customers still prefer to hold a physical piece of mail in their hand.

A study by marketing research firm Epsilon Targeting found that direct mail is still the top choice for U.S. and Canadian consumers for the receipt of brand communications. This even holds true for the 18 to 34-year-old demographic.

Additionally, the research showed that about half of Americans and Canadians surveyed said they pay more attention to postal mail than email and some 60 percent say they enjoy checking the mailbox.

“Our study suggests that brands should use a variety of media to build relationships, starting with trusted channels like direct mail, then layering the message to reinforce it through other channels,” the researchers said.

Graph Expo pushes direct mail

The 2012 Graph Expo also underlined the importance of direct mail. Some of the educational sessions included getting economic value out of direct mail strategies, using personalization in direct mail, pricing fulfillment services, tracking marketing metrics and designing direct mail for automation.

FoldFactory’s Trish Witkowski led one event that discussed the basics to keep in mind when designing an advertising campaign – the audience, message, the offer, format, technology integration and any creative techniques one might use to engage the recipient. All of these are things that can be perfected with the right tools, such as binding equipment or laminating equipment.