In an increasingly digital age, there are more ways to reach out to customers. Individuals are becoming more reliant on technological devices – like smartphones and tablets – which has pushed some businesses to turn to online services. While email is a quick way to contact consumers, physical advertisements are still proving their worth to all types of organizations.

With this information, companies should invest in lamination equipment so they can create professional inserts that are able to withstand multiple handlings and being sent through the mail. Laminating sheets help create a polished product, which will show customers that a business values what it puts out in the public eye.

Valassis, a national media and marketing services company, released a 2012 survey showing that customers responded favorably to newspaper-delivered advertisements.

Conducted on Facebook, the findings revealed that 30 percent of respondents said they searched online for more information about a product or service within 30 days of seeing a newspaper insert. Additionally, 60 percent of insert users bought a product or service in response to seeing a newspaper insert.

Research and Analysis Media (RAM) also released a recent survey that showed on-page newspaper ad recall has remained steady at over 40 percent since RAM first started measuring U.S. newspapers in 2006.

“The perception is that newspaper results are diminishing,” Staffan Hulten, RAM co-founder said in a Valassis press release. “The fact is, ad recall from newspapers has remained stable over the past six years, and print still delivers good recall numbers, typically higher than television and radio.”

With individuals still reading newspapers, companies would be wise to use that outlet for advertisements. Additionally, if an organization wanted to create pamphlets for mail delivery, a paper folding machine would be beneficial, as it can make a uniform fold to supply readers with a quality document.