Advertising campaigns are crucial to any business, which is why it is essential for companies to find the best way to reach customers. This blog has previously discussed the benefits of direct mail marketing campaigns, and how organizations should invest in quality finishing tools.

A recent survey from Research Now and K&A BrandResearch showed that even American teenagers prefer offline advertisements as opposed to ones that run online. This is further reason for businesses to use laminating sheets and paper folding machines to create professional pages and pamphlets. That way, received ads are polished and of good quality material.

Specifically, 45 percent of the teen respondents said that they were more likely to be annoyed by online ads – Facebook, search engines –¬† while just 23 percent felt the same way about offline ones – magazines, posters and TV.

A more important note for advertisers though, is that teens were twice as likely to be introduced to a new product that they would purchase from an offline ad. Just 23 percent preferred online campaigns for this, while 46 percent responded more favorably to offline options.

Adobe conducted a similar survey in October 2012, which showed that digital marketing is unable to properly meet consumer needs. Results showed that 45 percent of respondents prefer to view advertising in their favorite print magazine and 23 percent want to see ads as they watch television. Just 3 percent preferred advertisements through social media.

“Serving customers relevant content, delivering experiences that are engaging instead of intrusive and, just as importantly, measuring what’s working and what isn’t so that we can improve our marketing are all critical,” Ann Lewnes, Adobe chief marketing officer, said in a company press release. “When marketers begin to master these things we’ll turn the corner – consumers will start to notice and we’ll start to capitalize.”