Regardless of the specific industry, it’s crucial for businesses of all sizes to find ways to stay unique and innovative. Especially with technology rapidly evolving, companies need to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.

The printing industry is no different. Even with the huge push for online advertising and digital media, physical material is still vital, which this blog has previously discussed. With direct mail and paper inserts still viable outlets for businesses, investing in quality lamination equipment will help companies create professional documents that can withstand multiple handlings. Additionally, posters will last longer when they have an extra layer of protection.

Combining the past and the present

Print firms are continuously working toward solutions that will underline the need for their product while still connecting to customers who thrive on digital technology.

The Australia-based ad firm Eye recently spoke with Wide Format Imaging, discussing its latest tactic. The company has started to use Amplify, a technology-agnostic platform that allows campaigns to extend onto smartphones via integrated NFC, QR code, augmented reality and SMS connectivity technology.

“The conventional approach the industry often takes is to push whatever the latest technology happens to be, which quickly becomes outmoded and doesn’t start from a client’s perspective,” Gerry Thorley, Eye CEO told the news source. “The Amplify proposition means that we can always start with the client challenge and recommend an appropriate solution using whichever technology platform is most appropriate rather than pushing the latest widget.”

Finding the right solution for customers is something that business owners need to accomplish while still staying profitable. An integration of digital campaigns – into already existing print ones – can be successful. When organizations also use devices like paper folding machines, they can ensure that a quality product will be designed for handouts or direct mail marketing.