How many times have you been asked that question regarding binding elements and covers? How do you handle that objection?

I am always amazed at how much business is transacted on a dalily basis using our products. From construction bids, Real Estate Proposals to Legal Briefs. GBC binding products remain the favored method of putting forth a company’s image.

Every day the media reports that the economy is struggling or stagnate at best. These are the times that a company needs to put their best foot forward to ensure that their presentations, proposals, ideas and printed documents are the first to be reviewed and the last to be put down.

On the next page we have assembled a chart that shows the average cost of each style of bind with different cover options. The chart shows the average realized sales price broken down to the cost per book. As you can see, the cost of our products are very insignificant when you think about how much business the company using them stands to gain.

I would answer the question of cost with another question “What is the cost to you if your proposals or presentations are not the most professional that they can be?”


Wouldn’t it be worth the extra $.46 per book to upgrade to a poly globe cover and really make an impact?

Binding Style Comparison Cost Per Book
(Based on Elements and Covers at Average Market Price)
Front Cover 4 Mil PVC 7 Mil PVC 10 Mil PVC Plain Frost Poly Globe Poly Cube
Back Cover Regency Regency Regency Regency Regency Regency
CombBind™ ( 3/8″) $0.67 $0.68 $0.80 $0.99 $1.26 $1.39
ZipBind™ (3/8″) $0.93 $0.94 $1.06 $1.25 $1.52 $1.65
VeloBind® (1″) $0.92 $0.93 $1.05 $1.24 $1.51 $1.64
WireBind™ (3/8″) $0.86 $0.87 $0.99 $1.18 $1.45 $1.58
ColorCoil™ (10mm) $0.68 $0.69 $0.81 $1.00 $1.27 $1.40
ProClick™ (1/2″) $0.90 $0.91 $1.03 $1.22 $1.49 $1.62

I hope you find this to be useful. Good luck with your next proposal!