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Document finishing equipment helps tie things together, providing businesses, schools and nonprofits with the tools they need to create impactful custom presentations, binders, books and printed materials. Coil binding – also known as spiral binding – is one common and convenient way to bind together documents, reports or presentations, and its ease-of-use and versatility have contributed to its popularity.

With the right tools, including wire binding equipment and coils, businesses in any industry can easily create visually appealing materials for use in the workplace. Presentation Solutions is a leading provider of these and other coil binding supplies, and we offer users a wide selection of coils and equipment from our convenient e-commerce website.

Search our website to find coil punch machines that could suit any job, as well as affordable wire or plastic coils in a variety of sizes. At Presentation Solutions, our skilled staff can also offer the friendly customer service and experienced consultation clients desire to find the right products for their specific.

How coil binding and spiral binding can improve your business presentations

In the financial industry, major investment decisions, business acquisitions or market expansion requires careful consideration and due diligence. Executives in this sector can better illustrate the research or insights behind each business decision with carefully crafted reports, however, presentation is key. Staples or paper clips simply aren’t enough – if reports are difficult to review due to shoddy binding, then the credibility of the presentation might suffer as a result.

The same holds true for businesses in any industry, whether it’s a construction company looking to design workplace safety manuals, an advertising and marketing firm developing portfolios to present to prospects, or a school creating helpful booklets to aid with classroom lessons.

Each of these organizations could benefit from professional coil binding equipment and supplies, which help users easily bind reports, books, information packets and presentation materials. In minutes, businesses can create stacks of high-quality professional employee manuals, learning materials or all-important client proposals.

Choose from Presentation Solutions’ wide selection of binding supplies

Presentation Solutions offers one of the internet’s most comprehensive selections of spiral binding equipment and supplies, making it easy for customers to purchase everything they would need to create their own in-office binding station.

Our selection of coil binders comes in various prices and styles. For example, a school that may simply need an affordable and efficient Akiles RubiCoil punching machine for a single classroom can find exactly that at our easy-to-use website. At the same time, we have sophisticated comb binding equipment and heavy-duty, high-speed punching machines from the General Binding Corporation (GBC), which are ideal for businesses that need to bind a significant volume of published materials on a consistent basis.

Presentation Solutions also keeps customers organized and stocked up on supplies, offering helpful units like the Akiles Utility Station and a large selection of coils, dies, binding supplies and ring combs, among other important items.

Make Presentation Solutions your supplier for document finishing equipment

At Presentation Solutions, we understand the continuing value of printed reports, proposals, presentations and physical materials. Printed documents are often the best ways for professionals, educators and managers to present key data, and with quality presentations, it’s often easier for clients, students and employees to internalize this information.

That is why we have made it our commitment to provide the supplies and equipments our customers need to create high-quality, professional and visually appealing presentations. Offering top equipment at affordable prices, Presentation Solutions is your one-stop source for coil binding equipment, custom presentation folders, laminating machines and commercial paper shredders.

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