Continuously mentioned in this blog is the importance of being able to evolve along with technology, in order to keep up with the times and the ever-changing needs of customers. Vistaprint is no different, and has been taking strides to ensure that it doesn’t get left behind and that its consumer base has the latest promotional products to keep them at the top of a competitive workforce.

According to a company press release, the printing business has launched a new line of products that can be individually catered to customers, such as calculators, USB drives and stress balls.

The items can be customized with an image, logo or message. In addition, consumers can order in small quantities, avoid startup fees and even receive their order in three business days.

“There has been a clear shift in the way small businesses are marketing today, with more and more people moving online and taking advantage of digital channels,” said Don LeBlanc, chief marketing officer at Vistaprint. “What we’ve found and what industry data shows is that offline marketing methods are still being leveraged and succeeding in driving business for our customer base.”

LeBlanc added that the launch will give their customers another offline marketing product they can pass along that will keep their business at the head of the pack.

As a greater emphasis is being placed on creativity and uniqueness of a company, businesses should keep that in mind when planning for customer needs. Not only will consumers want something original, they will want to ensure that it is properly protected.

For example, important documents, photos or pages will benefit from custom and printed tabs. This way, the selected items can stay organized and will not get lost amongst office clutter.

Also, custom presentation binders are a perfect way to keep papers of a similar nature, or ones needed for meetings, collected together in a polished and prestigious manner.