What’s in a name? While Romeo and Juliet might not think it’s a priority, companies that are trying to stay profitable in the ever-evolving printing business will disagree.

For example, Art Litho is a long-time Baltimore-based printing and direct mail agency. However, with technology changing the game plan of the industry, company leaders decided that it was time for a makeover – name and services included.

Now called AXIAL360, the organization’s new marketing strategy focuses on using data from its clients about their customers to tailor print and digital materials to individual interests, reported the Baltimore Business Journal. The company explained that it needs a more customized focus to stay relevant in today’s digital world.

“Art Litho really just doesn’t describe what we do anymore,” CEO Pat Crowe told the news source. “I really think that marketing smart is the way of the future and if we don’t get involved in that then we’re gonna be left behind.”

Customized direct mail has continuously been proven to be a successful form of marketing. In addition to creating a personalized product, companies should invest in paper folding machines and laminating equipment. That way, a uniform fold can be made and each piece of mail can be given an extra layer of durability.

Wilen Media also followed the same path of AXIAL360 by changing its name to Wilen New York. According to a company press release, Wilen offers a variety of services for new and emerging media. Marketing, advertising and strategic planning are all included. The rebranding is a way for them to continuously provide customers with unique solutions in the competitive business market.

When companies like Wilen New York and AXIAL360 combine their new image with professional equipment like coil or spiral binding machines, they can guarantee unique items that will keep customers’ products ahead of their competition.