This blog continuously highlights how companies and organizations have taken major strides to stay innovative in an increasingly digital world. For instance, everything from direct mailings to business cards can positively impact an enterprise. Regardless of the specifics, the key is to do something different and create something that customers need.

For example, EFI Jetrion announced in a company press release that its new digital inkjet printing system will change consumers’ experiences for the better.

Sean Skelly, vice president and general manager of EFI Jetrion, said in the statement that his customers want an outlet that will help them understand the changing world of inkjet technology and find solutions that evolve along with it.

“That’s why our vertically integrated approach of delivering presses, ink, software, color management and system design, combined with our application expertise and extensive global service, differentiates us in the marketplace and brings added value to our customers,” Skelly said.

Another company that took an important step forward in innovation was Think Big Solutions with their introduction of custom wallpaper into their custom printing applications. According to a company press release, the first install of the unique wall coverings was for a national yogurt franchise.

Shawn Allison, president of Think Big, said that their corporate clients had wanted a fresh and groundbreaking option to showcase products, images and launch new brands.

When customized wallpaper is not an option, customers will need a way to properly protect and preserve important documents, photos and other images. As such, lamination equipment along with lamination rolls are necessary products to invest in. This way, customers can ensure that newly printed materials will be able to stand the test of time, regardless of how many individuals need to handle to the items.