Direct mail can be one of the most effective marketing strategies available to businesses – if executed correctly. A recent Pitney Bowes white paper cited a report that said direct mail enjoys a response rate of 3.4 percent, a significant advantage over the 0.12 percent response rate for email marketing.

However, as we reported in a blog earlier this week, direct mail is at times only effective if companies are targeting the right audience. Those that send mailings to uninterested or inappropriate recipients are likely just wasting their time and money.

Pitney Bowes recommends a handful of methods companies can use to maximize return on investment related to direct mail marketing. Presorting mail technology – whether in-house or outsourced – can help companies save on shipping costs through the United States Postal Service, since it eliminates another step the mail service must perform. In addition, mailing from locations that are closer to the item’s final destination saves on postage, said the source.

To ensure more effective engagement from a direct mail marketing campaign, businesses should also consider colorful and creative design and personalized messaging, the report adds. Data tracking can also provide the crucial context marketers need to ensure their campaign is working correctly, or that the right people are receiving these messages.

Of course, when it comes time to finish these mailers, businesses should be sure to have quality binding supplies and document finishing equipment on hand to develop professional-quality items. Securing affordable wire or coil binding supplies from a trusted provider ensures organizations save on the costs on document finishing, making their direct mail marketing strategy even more affordable.