Lane Bryant is introducing a $10 million advertising and marketing campaign to make its product more relevant to current and prospective customers, according to the New York Times. Specifically, the women’s plus-sized fashion retailer is creating new print advertising, a revamped website, a larger social media outreach and new in-store and direct marketing initiatives.

A new clothing line was designed, highlighting what the company calls “trend-driven fashions,” said Liz Crystal, chief marketing officer at Lane Bryant. Putting the creations in print advertising is a new move for the retailer, as it has not done extensive marketing in that area since 2007.

However, Crystal said that the target customer is “engaged with print. She uses print to learn about fashion. We felt print was important.”

The ads themselves will also feature models in everyday settings, such as inside of a home or at an urban exterior, showing that Lane Bryant has made a product that’s useful in an array of locations.

Sara Rotman, chief executive of MODCo., the agency behind the campaign, said the photo shoots were much more women-focused, designed to celebrate the customer, as the idea was to create a better personality for the brand.

Continuously mentioned throughout this blog is that even with the rise of digital media, customers still long for the printed word. As such, businesses and organizations need to ensure that they are able to offer products to best cater to consumer needs.

With print still being a desired form of media, investing in quality binding equipment and supplies allows a professional product to be created, and will give customers something more formal than papers attached together with a staple. When it comes to advertising campaigns like the one Lane Bryant created, individuals will want something that is polished and able to last longer than one day. Laminating sheets will be a good solution for that type of outcome.