Many companies are trying to find innovative and creative ways to make a smaller environmental footprint and “go green.” However, it’s also important to find the right balance between using less products and still have a wide customer base.

Printing companies can greatly benefit from trade shows and events that showcase new products. Vendors are able to demonstrate new styles of printers and finishing tools – like laminating machines – that can help businesses design unique items that keep them ahead of the competition.

However, it is also possible to have displays that are environmentally friendly. Hexacomb designed the Falconboard, a reusable and renewable product made from 100 percent recyclable kraft paper honeycomb material.

“Falconboard’s printing capabilities equal that of foam boards, including use of wide format and digital solutions,” said a DAW Trade Show press release. “It’s unique structure can handle the most demanding of graphic display requirements due to its high rigidity and dimensional stability.”

Additionally, Falconboard is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has both sides laminated with a bright white clay coated ink receptive paper.

Reusable products are a fantastic way for companies to create strong advertising campaigns. For example, direct mail is still a convenient and accurate way to reach customers. When laminating sheets are used on mailings, they will be durable enough to withstand multiple handlings. Additionally, companies can use lamination equipment to protect important documents, which will cut down on the need for reprinting.

Falconboard has taken a seemingly outdated form of advertising – physical material – and upgraded it to compete in today’s digital world. When printing businesses follow a similar line of thought, they can ensure that their designs both withstand the test of time and catch customers’ eyes.