A good way for a company to ensure that their printed project stands out is by adding special effects into the design. Everything from packaging to business cards can be styled in innovative ways to differentiate them from other company creations.

In a recent Quick Printing article, Jeffrey Steele explored new technologies and the ways in which they are changing the printing business with special effect designs. For example, the addition of clear, dry ink allows for a multitude of creative effects, such as adding expression and creating watermarks.

Dale Allen, product marketing manager with Xerox in Rochester, New York, added that tri-fold brochures often benefit from this type of design, as less ink is better for that layout and it can produce subtle messages on paper.

Specifically, Allen described that if a business was creating a page that read, “April showers bring May flowers,” the water drops could be done in clear, dry ink. Then, a little color put behind them to add contrast would really let the image stand out and be unique.

“Using clear, dry ink to generate special effects and build business is a matter of educating your staff to the benefits of the ink, and also proactively marketing your services through the web,” Steele wrote.

Once the desired special effect has been created and printed, it is important to protect the newly designed item. Investing in quality laminating equipment is a good way to ensure that the product continues to look fresh even after being handled by multiple individuals.

In addition, a table top cutter can help take care of any excess material that may exist on the printed design after laminating takes place. This tool will help keep the finished product looking professional and well put together.