This blog has previously discussed how the printing industry must adapt and find ways to incorporate new technologies into its daily operations. While many businesses are pushing for all-digital options, there is still a need for physical product.

One way to stay ahead of the competition is to continuously offer professional items to customers. With direct mail services still an effective way of reaching consumers, businesses can create durable and unique prints with laminating sheets. Additionally, a spiral or coil binding machine will assist in making polished booklets and pamphlets.

Design is crucial for the printing industry, along with the finishing stages. The February article of Wide Format Imaging Magazine highlighted how some businesses are integrating new inks into their repertoire, ensuring that customers can publish unique images.

Reed Hecht, product manager of Professional Imaging at Epson America Inc., explained to the news source that the new inks can be used under a blacklight, and are especially popular with casinos, nightclubs and amusement parks. The neon options are easy to configure with the standard CMYK inks, he said, and customers can choose at the time of installation. There is no extra cost of a printing unit if a company does not want neon.

“Some specialty inks are still new to the market so it may take production shops time to work these new technologies into their standard workflow,” Hecht said. “Overall, the printing process won’t change drastically other than shops getting acclimated to using these new inks and media types that they may not have worked with in the past.”

Hecht added that print service providers (PSPs) need to know when and how to properly integrate new items. When it comes to specialty inks, they can greatly benefit commercial sign shops and proofing companies. In general, the new colors can enhance products and sales for numerous businesses.