When it comes to improving quality control and downtime in everyday printing operations, the printing industry doesn’t always take a proactive approach, according to a recent survey by Trelleborg Printing Solutions.

Specifically, 100 senior stakeholders in the U.S. and U.K. printing industries were surveyed for the Printing Insight Report. The findings revealed that while 80 percent of respondents find downtime to be vital or significantly important in regards to their own operations. In addition, one in five of those surveyed took no steps to try and reduce consumable downtime over the last year.

Thomas Linkenheil, managing director at Trelleborg said that while results also indicated that the industry as a whole understands the benefits of lifetime performances over cost, it is also clear that they are still missing something by choosing to not improve their printing operations.

“Investment in facilities and technology to maximize productivity and efficiency is essential for growth, whether this is concerned with high-quality equipment and consumables, training of staff or the implementation of MIS/automated workflows,” Linkenheil said in a release. “Unfortunately, those printers who are unable to commit to this principle are missing important improvement possibilities.”

In order to ensure that finishing procedures, along with the printing process, runs as smoothly as possible, companies should invest in the proper equipment to keep costs low and performances running at peak levels. For example, proper binding equipment and supplies will efficiently package together documents and keep them organized.

Or, for document finishing, wide format laminators will properly laminate the new style of printing in a cost-efficient way as well as one that will best implement the time of company employees.

Taking the time to invest in the right products will save businesses and organizations money in the long run by ensuring that productivity is at maximum efficiency.