While companies might be slowly phasing print out of their daily operations, in favor of digital options, the older medium is not completely forgotten. It’s necessary for businesses to continue to find new and innovative ways of using print in order to keep customers interested.

For example, investing in professional lamination equipment will ensure that printed documents and images will last longer. Then, when direct mail campaigns are used, the pamphlets will be sturdier.

Artist Sam van Doorn found a unique way to keep print interesting. Van Doorn explained to Wired that he had grown bored with the standard printing process, so he found a way to transform physical paper with a little more fun.

He created STYN, a chaotic instrument that combines lithographic ink and a pinball machine. According to van Doorn, he wanted to create a design tool that combined the control of printing with an element of chaos.

Van Doorn explained to the source that it was an extreme challenge to find the right combination of ink and paper for the project, along with the right rubbers to give the ball a good bounce. For example, if the ink was too thick, the ball would stick to the paper. But, if the liquid was too thin, then it would slide right off the metal sphere.

“I underestimated the attraction of a pinball machine,” van Doorn said. “Once people started playing they were dancing behind the machine to keep the ball in control, completely focusing on the game. Everybody wanted to play, not just for a print but for the fun of the game.”

Even if a company doesn’t integrate a device like STYN into its repertoire, there are still ways to keep physical product unique and professional. Along with laminating machines, using binding equipment or tabletop cutters will create uniform designs and keep pages bound together in a resolute fashion.