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Paper materials continue to have value in today’s dynamic business world. Educators rely on printed documents as vital learning tools to aid in classroom exercises, while accountants keep track of important financial information and conduct rigorous analysis with paper materials on hand.

Lawyers, physicians, recruiters, sales executives and business leaders all need paper materials on hand to stay productive and accomplish more tasks. That’s why, at Presentation Solutions, we work to deliver high-quality custom printing solutions and equipment, offering businesses the tools needed to create better presentations and design more effective visual materials for the workplace.

Presentations Solutions provides the binding equipment and laminating machines schools need to create quality reading materials for students, while our wide selection of wire binding equipment can be perfect for creative professionals that need better ways to present their work. When it comes to buying custom printing solutions, businesses can rely on Presentation Solutions for fair prices, experienced consultation and quality General Binding Corporation (GBC) products.

Build better presentations with paper folding machines and custom folders

With paper folding machines offered by Presentation Solutions, your business can easily and quickly fold important financial documents for mailing or filing. For example, the Martin Yale desktop letter folder allows users to hand-feed up to three documents at a time and 30 documents per minute for speedy automatic folding, perfect for legal or doctor’s offices that need to send out mail daily.

For larger jobs, Presentation Solutions offers the Martin Yale intimus Air Feed Autofolder, which can run plain or glossy materials with ease, creating a variety of different folds at rapid speeds. These are just two of the many paper folding machines available from Presentation Solutions, and our expert representations can help you identify which machine would work best for your office.

Presentation Solutions is also the best place to find quality presentation materials, including three-ring binders, index tabs, photo holders, sheet protectors and business card holders. Businesses that wish to create custom presentation binders for training exercises can find everything they need at Presentation Solutions, while customers can benefit from our wide supply of identification badge clips, lanyards and retractable holders – perfect for hospitals, schools and other organizations that rely on identification badges for security purposes.

Practice document security with quality paper shredders

Consumers are more savvy than ever when it comes to protecting their private information, and for good reason. Data from Javelin Strategy and Research found that in 2011, more than 11.6 million adults in the United States fell victim to identity theft, an increase of 13 percent from the previous year.

That is why it is important for businesses to respect the sensitive nature of the information they often possess, which can include critical identifying and financial data for employees, customers and business partners. Presentation Solutions can aid in the battle against identity theft, as we offer quality paper shredders at attractive prices.

A small business may simply need an easy-to-use and efficient Martin Yale 3000 Cross Cut Shredder to handle daily document destruction. A much larger law office or hospital may need to destroy much more information, and can turn to Presentation Solutions for our wide selection of high-capacity paper shredders from GBC and Martin Yale. In addition, businesses that want to destroy optical media could benefit from the Destruct Data CD/DVD Data Destruction Machine, a device that has been approved for use by the National Security Agency.

Make Presentation Solutions your go-to provider for top custom printing materials

For decades, Presentation Solutions has been a leading supplier for businesses, schools and nonprofits in need of binding equipment and other custom printed materials. As more companies look to expand, develop their staffs and intrigue prospects, the value of presentation materials will continue to grow.

Whether it’s an art institution in need of tabletop paper cutters or a legal office that needs a heavy duty paper shredder, organizations of all shapes and sizes can expect quality products, friendly service and expert advice from Presentation Solutions.

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