This blog has previously mentioned the benefits of attending large conferences and networking events, as they can help printing and publishing companies learn about how to stay competitive in the ever-evolving business world.

The Binding Industries Association (BIA) Annual Conference is set to take place in Indianapolis from April 8 to April 10. The event will include presentations about how companies can maximize profits and will be done by top industry suppliers.

According to the BIA website, the 2013 conference wants to help companies across the industry build strong connections with one another and address the structural and organizational barriers. That way, businesses can find new ways to systematically thrive.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with suppliers and participate in moderated roundtable discussions to learn from peers, seeing what problems they are facing and how best to overcome them.

The conference website had comments from past attendees about what they learned and were able to bring into their daily operations.

“The content of the seminars proved to be insightful and topical, leading to a deeper understanding of the industry,” Mark Yeung, managing director of Duraweld Ltd. said about a past conference. “The tabletops provided the opportunity to network and see many of the interesting products being produced and suppliers available.”

Companies and businesses that want to continuously offer their customers the best finishing options possible would be wise to attend the BIA conference. It’s important to not only have professional binding equipment and laminating machines but to also know the best ways to integrate them into daily operations. With a thorough education on the latest industry innovations, printing and publishing firms will be able to keep pace with their competition.