With a continued push for businesses to cross into the digital market, it’s increasingly important for physical product to stand out and remain durable. By integrating binding equipment and supplies or even paper folding machines into its repertoire, a company can create professional and uniform booklets and pamphlets. As direct mail has been proven to still be a successful tool that can be used to reach customers, this will be a good way for businesses to keep paper in their operations.

It’s crucial for organizations to stay flexible in order to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Whether it’s integrating new technologies with the old, or making small tweaks to current systems, businesses will remain successful by keeping consumers a top priority.

This tactic was further discussed in the December issue of Wide Format Imaging Magazine. When a company invests in quality equipment, its business ahead can be pushed ahead, according to an article, especially in the wide-format printing industry.

According to the source, sometimes the product that ink is printed on is more important than the ink itself.

For example, LexJet – a digital printing company – started using new lay-flat polypropylene inkjet printable materials, which can be used as a cost-effective alternative to the typical polyester inkjet materials for trade show and in-store point-of-purchase (POP) graphics as well as long-term indoor banners and short-term outdoor banners.

“We already offer a fantastic water-resistant polypropylene, but our customers were looking for something more opaque,” Jeff Leto, LexJet product manager, told the source. “The great thing about the new blockout polypropylene materials is that they’re economical and you can use them for practically any type of display graphics applications.”

Print does not need to completely fade away simply because digital technology is evolving. By investing in innovative machines, companies can make necessary adjustments to continue adhering to customer needs.