It’s important to find a way to stand out in the business world. Customers need to remember a company or brand, knowing how it’s different from other competitors. Without a unique edge, an organization can become lost among the crowd.

As this blog has mentioned on several occasions, there is still a need for physical documents. Innovations like personalized direct mail can help businesses reach out to customers. On that same front, custom binders or printed tabs can ensure that a company is able to put out unique material. Additionally, it will ensure that papers remain organized and can be easily located.

Unique business name aids office supply store

One office supply company decided to stand out by taking the name of another business. While that might not sound original, the business in question is Dunder Mifflin – the fictional paper company from NBC’s show “The Office.”

The online retailer Quill, launched a line of printer paper last year, using the name from the Emmy Award-winning show. According to VP of Merchandising Sergio Pereira, the business is extremely successful – unlike its namesake which was notoriously a third-rate company filled with bumbling employees. On the contrary, the real Dunder Mifflin is a multi-million dollar company and is Quill’s third-best selling brand.

Pereira told Bloomberg BusinessWeek that in fact, the business found enough success in its first year, that it’s being expanded to now include markers, sticky notes, tissues, disposable cups, storage boxes and notepads.

Regardless of “The Office” entering its final season, and the push for digital media increasing, Pereira told the source that he’s not discouraged.

“There is very long life to the followers of this show and a very long life for the brand,” he said, adding that The Office will still air in syndication.