The government continues to be a consistent driver of demand for commercial printing services, according to a recent report. Government Print Management, a contract bidder in the industry, studied trends through the first part of the year to determine if there has been any slide in interest within this crucial part of the market.

Many government agencies seek commercial printing services from private companies through the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). In the first three quarters of 2012, the volume of purchases from this market totaled $214 million, marginally similar to the $218 million in volume procured one year earlier.

Experts said this is evidence that government agencies continue to be major users of physical material. The first six months of the year is typically the period of strongest growth, according to the report.

“This similarity, combined with the change from decline to relative stability, is encouraging,” said Deborah Snider, senior vice president of Government Print Management.  “Changes in government printing caused some worry. But with advances in green printing and acceptance of newer technologies the potential GPO printing holds for the industry is exciting.”

Given this reality and for the need to save on the cost of printing, many government agencies may want to consider the purchase of binding equipment and supplies to enable mass production of physical materials.

Quality binding equipment – such as GBC binding machines – and professional laminating equipment is crucial to have in-office for agencies that need to produce reports, research briefs and other physical documents. Custom binders and divider tabs can also ensure a peak level of organization and efficiency.