One of the best ways to ensure that the printing industry continues to find ways to flourish through the digital age is to continue to educate companies on the newest innovations. The 2012 Graph Expo, held in Chicago, was a perfect example of that tactic, as a combination of seminars and presentations brought vendors and business owners together.

This blog has previously discussed the Graph Expo, detailing various industry officials’ reactions to it. Decision-makers agreed that the event was successful, with a plethora of examples put forth on benefits from investing in laminating machines and quality binding equipment.

Many of the new machines that debuted at the Expo, though, are designed to be paired with those devices. For example, Master Bind demonstrated a foil stamping machine, which creates a professional and customized print on various binders. It stamps on intricately designed wording, a perfect detail that can make school yearbook covers stand out, or even corporate booklets.

Additionally, Formax showed the benefits of its new printer – the Color Max Color 7 Envelope Printer. According to a company spec sheet, the machine will produce full color output with three times the speed of traditional shuttle head printers, at one-third of the per-page cost. The Color Max doesn’t require heat or contact to create an image, which allows it to safely be used with pre-printed envelopes and windowed envelopes without damaging the window or marring the original image.

This product could be a good investment for many businesses, as direct mail is still a successful way to reach out to customers for marketing campaigns. Using devices that offer companies a way to create customized and personal designs will help them stand out from the competition.

Even with the push for organizations to move away from print, the Graph Expo further proved that, with the right devices, a business can create innovative and cost-effective documents.