The business world is growing increasingly competitive, and with changing technologies, the printing industry can be especially cutthroat. It’s important for companies to find new and innovative ways to distinguish their product and integrate new equipment and systems in with the old. That way, customers can have multiple options for their publishing and printing needs.

For example, using coil or spiral binding equipment can help create professional booklets. Rather than just using paper clips or staples to hold documents together, binding equipment and supplies can create a reliable and polished product that can withstand being transported and distributed at meetings or presentations.

Kodak and Automated Graphic Systems (AGS), held an open house and networking event designed to educate attendees about some of the latest devices that can help put businesses ahead in the printing industry. According to a Kodak press release, the full-color Kodak Prosper 5000XL inkjet press was used in demonstrations and other trends were discussed.

AGS president Katie Kriemelmeyer said in the release that the informal meeting was a great opportunity for individuals to meet and interact with their peers, as well as speak with company representatives to learn more about the current business climate.

“We were thrilled to host an event where we could bring together our clients and technology experts,” Kriemelmeyer said in the press release. “Showcasing the power of digital print to help our customers reach their audiences in a rapidly changing marketing and communications environment was powerful.”

Will Mansfield, Kodak’s director of marketing for Inkjet Printing Solutions, added that product demonstrations and a live environment are extremely beneficial as it gives customers a first-hand look at how different products can promote their business’ capabilities to their clients.

Investing in the right devices and technology, whether it’s the Kodak Prosper 5000XL or wire binding equipment, will help companies keep themselves unique and competitive in the industry.