“Out with the old and in with the new.”

While this is a popular adage, it is not always necessarily true. When companies are able to integrate different types of technology, they can have greater success than by investing in onlyone form.

In the January issue of Wide Format Imaging Magazine, an article discussed the evolving trends in marketing and advertising, and how the printing industry can successfully integrate them into daily operations.

According to the news source, integrated marketing is a key area for businesses to invest. By using different forms of media, an organization canreach as many customers as possible. For example, direct mail campaigns are still profitable, which this blog has previously discussed.

The articlealso mentioned how mobile marketing would be a wise investment. With more consumers owning smartphones, finding a way to merge physical product with mobile applications can be greatly beneficial.

“More environmentally friendly solutions are becoming available,” the article said. “Options include purchasing latex printers and printing on recycled or other substrates that reduce the impact on our environment. On the most basic level, turning off printers, computers and lights when possible is a first step.”

The news source explained that on a deeper level, printing on biodegradable materials and implementing renewable products into daily operations can also help companies reduce their carbon footprint.

Branching off of that point, businesses that rely on mass handouts to their employees could benefit from using laminating machines. Not only will this create durable documents, it will lessen the need to reprinting pages – organizations can reuse papers more often.

Additionally, investing in coil or spiral binding supplies can hold important papers together, which will not only keep them organized, but it will lessen the likelihood of employees losing them. Lost documents will push the need to print more pages.