Eastman Kodak, On Demand Books and ReaderLink announced that they will be partnering together to give consumers a full-service, digital-to-print media center for all their custom print needs. Furthermore, it will revolutionize the way that printed books are marketed, sold and produced at point of sale.

“Consumers will enjoy getting from our valued retail partners immediate delivery of a whole new offering of high-quality photo books as well as a broad library of book titles,” Laura Quatela, president of Kodak, said in a company press release. “In addition, our retail partners will have new avenues for increased revenue as they expand their photo book sales in-store and deliver a massive list of book titles to their customers instantly.”

Also, Atlanta’s oldest independent printer recently took steps forward to benefit its customers. According to a company press release, Standard Print invested in a new wide-format printer.

Andy Shulman, Standard Press president, said in the statement that as the business tends to finds its customers pressed for time, this new equipment will offer enhanced capabilities, thereby increasing production and quality of product. With the wide variety of marketing materials that can be created, Shulman said, it’s important to invest in new services, solutions and technology.

This blog has previously underlined the importance for companies to make adjustments in order to keep their business as innovative as possible and properly cater to customer needs. When it comes to the finishing process, quality binding supplies will neatly and efficiently attach documents or images together.

Additionally, quality lamination equipment will not only protect and preserve important papers but it will ensure that the process runs smoothly. This way, time will be well-spent and customers will receive a quality product.