Mailworks Inc., a direct mail production company, has recorded a 25 percent average annual revenue growth over the last seven years, according to a company press release. Even though the U.S. economy has been struggling to recover over the last few years, the demand for its products and services has stayed strong.

In order to meet consumer needs, Mailworks invested in a new printer at its Texas-based printing facility. According to the release, the device was much needed as Mailworks was responsible last year for more than 10,000 print campaigns for small businesses across the United States.

Robert Hodges, company owner, said in the press release that demand for their services increased as the nation’s economic conditions worsened. From there, he said that clients were forced to pay attention to their marketing costs.

“Even in a good economy, not many companies have been able to sustain mid-20s annual growth rate for seven to eight consecutive years,” Hodges said. “Not coincidentally, right after we got the first Ryobi, we had a 54 percent revenue growth year, and then a 30 percent growth year after that.”

As technology continues to evolve, the need for speed and efficiency has also increased. In order for companies and organizations to stay innovative, it’s crucial for them to invest in the right equipment in order to use time well and create a quality product.

Using a quality laminating machine and ensuring that there are laminating rolls on hand will allow a business to efficiently protect important documents and papers. With direct mail still proven to be a strong tactic for companies, it’s important to have equipment that can create professional pieces and handle the mailing process.