This blog has previously discussed the importance of companies and organizations finding unique and innovative ways to connect to customers and adapt business plans according to their needs. Evolving in this way is especially important in vertical markets, where a group of consumers or enterprises have specific or specialized requirements.

The August issue of Wide-Format Imaging had an article that discussed how the signage, graphics and visual communications businesses has seen an increased need for such advertising and products.

Retail markets can especially benefit from quality ads, including signage as well as brochures, according to the article.

“With prices on the rise and businesses looking at budget cuts, many retailers and their verticals may not realize that marketing is an area to avoid when considering cuts, as it accounts for most of the new business that comes through their door,” said the news source.

Companies that are looking to increase their marketing should consider investing in paper folding machines, as these can create uniform creases that will give pamphlets and brochures a professional appearance.

Further proof of the importance of signage and visual advertising is the growth of Fastsigns International Inc. According to a company press release, Fastsigns tallied a total of 18 new deals this year, seven of which were independently owned sign shops that converted to the Fastsigns brand.

The marketing and visual communications solutions company also signed two deals in Canada, further increasing its worldwide presence.

Ted Schouten, who will be converting his shop in Ontario, said that Fastsigns offered cutting edge innovation and technical resources, which will allow his business to produce higher quality work in a more efficient way.

Businesses that want to enhance the appearance of signs could also invest in a wide format laminator, as this will protect the paper sign and give it the chance to withstand the test of time and prove to customers a company is working towards their needs.