The December issue of Quick Printing Magazine highlighted steps being taken by the packaging industry, ensuring that those companies continue to produce unique products that keep customers satisfied.

Mark Radogna, group manager of Epson Professional Imaging, explained the benefits of the the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer to Quick Printing. He said that a 24-inch-wide printer that has the unique ability to print white as well as metallics. Furthermore, it provides professional short-term color stability for mission-critical color proofing on a range of new substrates, including inkjet coated transparent and metallic films.

“The unique thing here,” Radogna told the source, “is that since the image quality is always insanely high, we’ve created an extremely high resolution, high quality digital label press that is used for any type of packaging that requires a label or custom label.”

Xerox Worldwide marketing manager Brian Segnit, told Quick Printing that his company uses an automated packaging solution that integrates the latest in digital printing technology with a versatile coating unit, a buffering stacker, and a custom die-cutter. The system is scaleable, which allows for a range of packaging requirements to be met.

It’s important for businesses in the printing and publishing industry to stay creative in order to remain competitive. Even for those not developing packaging solutions, investing in professional equipment can be extremely beneficial. For example, when designing direct marketing campaigns, laminating machines can provide necessary durability for going through the mail system.

Additionally, coil or wire binding equipment can assist in creating booklets that either need to be handed out en masse at events or used with direct mail marketing. Physical product cannot be overlooked, even as the digital age continues to evolve.