The printing process has many important aspects. One of the key factors, though, is ensuring that the final steps are done well. The finished product needs to be polished and professional in appearance so customers know that a company takes pride in its business.

According to the 2011 SGIA Market Trends and Product Specialties Benchmarking Report, post-production and finishing technologies help transform a print into a sellable product. The survey consisted of talking to graphics producers to see what went into their process of creating a finished product.

The study found that 44.7 percent of respondents offered print finishing services and of those, 91.3 percent offered lamination services.

“Marketers are always looking for ways to make their brands and products stand out to consumers,” Todd Hain, marketing communications manager of Avery Dennison, said to the website MyPrintResource. “Specialty finishes give marketers that option to take a regular image and soften it or make it shine more than usual. When consumers literally have seconds to view a brand or company’s message, it’s that subtle difference that makes one stand out over the other.”

Investing in quality laminating equipment will help ensure that products and advertisements stand out. Whether a postcard needs to be sent through the mail or an important document needs to be protected, having a steady supply of laminating sheets on hand is always a good idea.

Furthermore, using time wisely is also of the utmost importance to keep post-production and finishing running smoothly. The cleanup process may be assisted by a heavy duty paper shredder as these devices can dispose of unnecessary documents or papers in a timely fashion.