For Jeff Williams, when the National Hockey League (NHL) reached a long-awaited agreement with its players union – ensuring at least a partial 2013 season – it was a great relief. Williams is not only a longtime St. Louis Blues hockey fan, but he is also the president of Zane Williams Inc. The business was chosen by the Fox Sports Midwest network to print the outdoor banners of the in-your-face pictures of Blues players.

As reported by KPLR, a St. Louis news station, income from other clients have kept Zane Williams out of a serious business drought, but the company leader is still excited to have his beloved sport back in daily operations.

He explained to the news source that January is normally a slower month for his organization, but now all employees are more comfortable with the end of the lockout. It’s nice to know that the work will be more consistent again and they can continue creating quality pieces that customers and fans appreciate.

“The type of equipment we have is what I believe to be one of the fastest presses in the world,” Williams told the news source. “It gives a nice, good, gloss finish. [Clients] like the quality. The things that are working, we don’t change them.”

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Whether or not printing and publishing companies rely on a national sports league, it’s important for them to ensure that physical products remain professional and polished. For outdoor displays especially, laminating sheets can provide extra durability for printed pages or posters.

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