More individuals are getting their daily news and magazine fix through e-readers and even smartphone applications. Businesses that rely on print editions are struggling to find ways to keep themselves innovative and successful.

An important thing for companies to do is ensure that the quality of a product is put-together and professional in appearance. Magazines and advertising pamphlets can greatly benefit from laminating sheets to provide durability. The polished finishing aspect ensures the pages can withstand the mail system and any rough handlings.

Furthermore, paper folding machines can create uniform folds for booklets or other direct mail pieces sent to customers. Along with table top cutters, these devices can assist businesses in designing quality products that can help in putting their best foot forward.

One magazine that is working hard to continue its long-running success is the Saturday Evening Post. According to the Indianapolis Star, the Post is attempting to redesign the publication and is moving its staff from Indiana to Philadelphia.

Steven Slon, recently named the magazine’s associate publisher, told the news source that he’s shooting for the style of “Vanity Fair meets Smithsonian.” He explained that the new cover will downplay the “Saturday Evening” aspect and emphasize “Post.” Additionally, he hopes to have more celebrities – such as Alan Alda, Jay Leno and the original “Saturday Night Live” cast – grace the cover.

The Post was founded in 1821 and has stayed strong through other technological innovations. When television became popular, the publication took a hit on readership, along with several other print mediums. Now, Post workers hope to find the same kind of continued success.

“You look at some of them, and they’re having difficulties,” media consultant Jack Perry told the news source. “I’m thinking of Newsweek and Time. But, with The Saturday Evening Post being more featurey, it’ll have a longer shelf life, which could certainly help it.”