In today’s digital world, it’s important for a company to not lose sight of the larger picture – the customer base. Simply switching systems over to new technologies will not guarantee more customers. In fact, it could push them away. It’s crucial to remember to reach out to consumers in ways most convenient to them.

For example, Digigraph Xpress is changing its name to Print Big and rolling out a newly designed website this week. According to company president Joe Duffy, the plan is to clarify what the organization does and how it approaches work.

“We want to highlight the days where people sat down face-to-face to puzzle out problems and find a solution – sometimes with nothing more than a cocktail napkin and a pencil,” Duffy said in a Print Big press release. “Our customers know we won’t stop working until we find the right solution for their needs. That is why we have such a loyal customer base.”

In order to stay ahead in today’s workforce, individuals will continue to want a way to stand out and push their own product ahead. When companies invest in custom presentation binders, it will offer an opportunity for employees to organize and display their work in a well-fashioned manner.

Colleges are also taking the initiative to stand out from one another when recruiting future students. According to Mail Print, Iowa University is implementing a multi-media campaign to get the attention of high schoolers. Teenagers have the option of sending back a self addressed stamped envelope to receive more information about the school. In addition, they can go online, enter in basic info and receive a copy of the book, “The Essential Guide to Finding Your College.”

Even something as simple as proper lamination equipment could take a piece of mail and elevate it to the next level, grabbing a customers’ attention and letting them know that the company cares about their business.