When a company has been in business for 60 years, it has obviously done something right to successfully evolve with the times and continue to find ways to stay innovative. Such is the case for Arizona Lithographers, a printing shop that has worked with local artists for many years.

John Davis, owner since 1978, told Inside Tucson Business that the company does a lot of fine art reproductions but it mostly dabbles in commercial printing. He added that his business also has the capability to print giclees – ink jet on wide format.

AZ Litho has had to adapt to changing technological needs, and has expanded its fulfillment services, according to Davis. Specifically, the business is starting to focus on the packaging industry – folding cartons, point-of-purchase items and manufactured items, such as instruction manuals and labels.

Additionally, Davis said that AZ Litho has expanded beyond local companies. By moving into a wider market, the business has been able to increase its customer base and find more opportunities for growth.

“I think what’s most important with 60 years experience is we’ve established ourselves with capability and dependability,” Davis told the news source. “We have an excellent reputation for quality and service.”

Staying innovative doesn’t necessarily mean the digital push

With individuals becoming more reliant on technological devices like smartphones and tablets, many organizations are moving into the digital realm. However, finding creative ways to enhance physical product can be just as successful. Investing in laminating machines or paper folding machines, for example, will help a company generate uniform and professional-looking pamphlets that can be sent through the mail.

Companies like AZ Litho still produce physical product, but have expanded their customer base by ensuring that they stay sustainable and are creating trust with those consumers. Moving to digital editions of print is not always the answer for every organization.