InfoTrends released a study recently called, “What Do Converters Want?” that is meant to give technology vendors a better picture of what label, flexible packaging and folding carton converters think of color printing. Specifically, the study sought to find out what converters think of the industry’s future and what they currently want from it.

“Our survey of 228 converters shows that color digital printing aligns well with the basic wishes of label and packaging converters,” Bob Leahey, associate director for InfoTrends’ Color Digital Label and Packaging Service, said in the release. “We also found the interest in digital print options to be just as high among flexible packaging and folding carton converters as it is among label converters.”

Leahey added that since digital printing is better known amongst label printers, this result was actually very surprising.

InfoTrends estimated that converters’ 2011 billings for color digital printing reached $2.75 billion globally. Also, it was forecasted that the number would reach $5 billion by the end of 2016.

While color digital printing continues to be an important aspect for many companies and vendors because of its ease and simplicity to use, there are other ways to efficiently use time and create a product that will stand out.

For those organizations interested in giving their final product that extra pop, they would be wise to invest in a quality laminating machine. That way, any important images or documents can be protected and given a professional appearance.

Additionally, thermal or coil binding supplies will give companies the ability to secure pages together in an organized fashion. With this option, booklets and pamphlets will have a polished look that goes beyond the simplicity of a paper clip.