Fujifilm continues to show its commitment to eco-friendly solutions for businesses by being recognized as a Gold Patron by Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), according to a company statement. SGP is a non-profit organization that provides sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry.

Todd Zimmerman, vice president and general manager of Fujifilm said that the company goes to great lengths to ensure that its environmental business impact is as small as possible.

Fujifilm has taken such initiatives like using solar panels and converting gases from landfills to provide power to different factories, according to the company release.

Other companies should take note and find ways to reduce their own waste. Using laminating equipment on certain documents that are often reused and redistributed could lower the amount of pages that need to be printed.

Lars Bendixen, product manager at Zund, said in a company press release that his printing company’s solutions grow with the needs of its customers. Just because new technology arrives does not mean that Zund’s products become obsolete.

“There are more and more demands on print service providers to offer more sustainable print options at present and we believe that this will continue,” Bendixen said in the release. “Therefore, it is only natural that such print service providers should now start to look into the environmental practices of their equipment suppliers and demand that they meet the same exacting standards.”

Previously mentioned in this blog was the importance of businesses taking the initiative to improve productivity while still supplying customers with the means to create a quality product. Investing in a coil or wire binding machine will ensure that a polished booklet can be created while efficiently using employees’ time and that of the company.